We are Reese Avery Designs.

Where to begin? This (long, overdue) collaboration launched just before the holidays of 2017 and has finally made its debut on the web and around town. Cate Reese and Avery Mcgregor became best friends in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. They share a similar love and passion for the city they call home. ATL has been a huge influencer on their friendship... providing them with an amazing music, fashion, and food scene to explore & find inspiration together. 

After graduating high school, Avery and Cate packed up their cars and took off together to study undergrad at Ole Miss. They were even freshman roommates! (Oh, the college days….) Luckily, their passion for jewelry followed them to school and back.

Cate REESE is currently manager at Range Boutique and has a background in retail, creating/designing jewelry, styling, photography and website design. Her interests include engaging in the local music scene, her husky (Mishka), making jewelry, yoga and traveling.

Her favorite stones: Opals, Labradorite, Moonstone & Pyrite.

AVERY McGregor has an eclectic background in the entertainment industry including experience in music, sports, film, interior design, fashion and technology. Her hobbies include spending time with her dogs, snow skiing, exploring self help, and horseback riding.

Her favorite stones: Agates, Diamonds, Aquamarine & Pyrite.

Together, Reese Avery is proud to share their first two main collections:

↞ revery collection: the dreamlike collection ↠
↞ simplicity collection: the classic collection ↠

With many more to come…

Avery and Cate are constantly inspired by music, travel, art, family and friends, our city and are ecstatic to share it all with the world.

Much love.

-Reese Avery Designs.